Thursday, May 26, 2016

z-o-o-m´s File & Uploader Help Settings and functions may vary depending on version

z-o-o-m´s File & Uploader Help Settings and functions may vary depending on version Main screen
1) Buttons for adding files to the queue and for adding all files from a folder
2) Buttons for starting upload and for re-uploading selected files
3) Buttons for stopping selected uploads in progress, for finishing uploads (all uploads in progress will be finished and no new uplods will be started) and for immediate stop of all uploads
4) Opening of a settings window
5) Moving of a selected file up/down in queue
6) Menu for files in queue
queue for upload = the file will be uploaded paused upload = the file will not be uploaded until user allows it
7) It is possible to add files via "drag&drop"
8) Tabs - links, history, stats, news Window for choosing files and its upload settings
1) select one host
2) when you click on that side panel, a new lists will show up. You can choose more hosts to upload to
3) account status (white - no account available, green - correct login informations have been set) File open dialog it is possible to choose more files (use ctrl or shift) Settings connection
- it is important to set appropriate buffer size to make program work correctly (too large buffer may cause program not to upload, too small buffer may cause slow upload speed), you should set it according to your connection (a little bit less than usual upload speed per one file)
- you can set higher timeout if the server doesn't respond fast enough
- you can set "try count" if you want program automatically reupload failed uploads
- set "bound to adapter" if you want to choose an adapter you want to use to upload (FUp5) file hosters (account settings) hostings view - make some hosts visible/hidden misc scheduler - simple scheduler to set start and stop time for upload view
settings for notifiion of upload finish
format structure for copying links to clipboard (choose by right click) skins selection profiles
- serves for sy file host selection (right click in advanced "Add file" window to use it)
- it is possible to disable "hosting selection window" Hosts account settings choose a host, insert your name and and then press "Add/Edit" If your inserted data are marked red, you probably inserted wrong data. These data will not be used for uploading. Only active accounts marked with green color will be used Only 1 account per host can be chosen as active. if you want download this software z-o-o-m File & Uploader 5.6.8 tool which makes it sy to upload to all servers Copyright 2013 at

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