Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download portable Google Chrome 37.0.2062.103 32-64 bit Multilingual

Google Internet browser without installation.
Download Portable Chrome 32 bit MultiVersion Online (0.5 MB)
Download Portable Chrome 64 bit MultiVersion Online (0.5 MB)
In first screen enter: 048E4E3E23D06E/37.0.2062.103 for Stable
Or: E1A92561FF04BC/38.0.2125.24 for Beta
Or: 3295D572FFF7E6F8/39.0.2138.3 for Dev
In Chrome 32 bit MultiVersion Online:
Check Stable for latest 37.x.x.x
Check Beta for latest 38.x.x.x
Check Dev for latest 39.x.x.x
Check Canary for latest 39.x.x.x
Chrome Online will download setup and extract files.

Open-source browser without installation.
Download Portable Chromium 32-64 bit Latest Online (0.6 MB)

SRWare Iron 36.0.1950.0 is based on the Chromium-source and offers the same ftures as Chrome but without the critical points that the privacy concern.
Download Portable SRWare Iron Multiversion Online (0.2 MB)Flash Plugin (not needed for Chrome) ChromePass Chrome Browser Recovery.
Download Portable ChromePass latest Online (0.5 MB)
To see s stored in Chromium or Iron Portable, write Browser=Chromium or Browser=Iron in ChromePassPortable.ini
Can use Java Runtime Environment PortableExtract and run ChromePortable or ChromiumPortable or IronPortable.
If you want to add parameters, start in incognito mode, not set cache in temp, not delete cache or allow multiple instances: edit *Portable.ini.
Example: AdditionalParameters=--app=
Settings of installed Chrome, Chromium or Iron should be preserved.

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