Thursday, May 26, 2016

Prepare Your Site For Christmas With Free WordPress Plugins 2014

Christmas Advent Calendar PluginsChristmas Advent Calendar. This plugin lets you get a random selection out of many different Christmas calendar designs, and you can place it on any page or post. The calendars get activated in December and it supports English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. [Demo]
My Christmas Calendar. With a simple short, you can display a butiful calendar on any WordPress post. With the ability of adjusting width, height, border and border color, you can make the calendar fit your layout perfectly.
Christmas Countdown PluginsCountdown Clock. You can display a lovely flash countdown clock customizable for any event including Christmas on your sidebar. A variety of designs, colors and sizes are available, and you will be able to set the text, date, time and time zone as you wish. [Demo]
Christmas Countdown Clock. This sassy plugin is going to let you display a countdown clock that counts down to Christmas Day. Several designs, sizes, animations and backgrounds are available and installation is super sy. [Demo]
Christmas Countdown Widget. With this widget, an adorable Santa is going to show on your sidebar, counting down to Christmas day and displaying a Merry Christmas greeting to your visitors. The background is transparent so it fits any theme perfectly. It also updates automatically ch yr so you can lve it there all yr long if you want to. [Demo]
Christmas Wishes PluginsHoliday Message. Holiday Message adds a pop-up message and a holiday graphic at the top or bottom of your website. You can choose the colors and graphics, add your own message and countdown (optional), or even add a cute snowfall effect. [Demo]
Artiss Timed Content. This amazing tool lets you set the content of a post or page to appr and disappr on a specific date, day and/or time. After installation, a simple short can be placed on any possible post or page.
Ninja Announcements Lite. This plugin displays announcements on your website that can be scheduled for exact dates. You can setup a nice Christmas greeting and set it to appr from Dec 20-25. Your visitors will see it only between these dates and the best thing is you can add your own photos or even media from YouTube. [Demo]
Christmas Animation PluginsChristmas Ball on Branch. This is a very simple plugin that adds an adorable "Christmas bauble on a branch" animated to a corner of your website. [Demo]
Christmas Lights. With this tool pretty, colorful Christmas lights will be added to the top of your website, giving it the festive and joyful feel. [Demo]
Improved Let It Snow. If you want your website to look Christmas-sy this plugin will add a butiful snowfall effect to your page. The plugin admin ar is very sy to manage. [Demo]
Merry Christmas Everyone. You have to check out this one if you want your website to turn into a fun, joyful place everyone is going to love. Choose between two super cute Santa, and he will be falling, sliding, flying all over your page along with colorful balloons, following the cursors of your visitors and landing on random titles on your page. [Demo]
Snow, balloons and more. Do you want the effect of falling snowflakes in your blog? Apart from snowflakes, there are also lves, and colorful balloons as alternatives. You can even add your own graphics and have them fall all over; it’s all up to you! [Demo]
Snow Storm. A nice, romantic snowstorm apprs on your website and brings a cozy touch of the festive spirit to your page. [Demo]
WP Snowfall. Snow falling effects will be added to your website, crting an interesting effect. The setup is very fast and sy. [Demo]
Xmas Lights. These colorful, joyful Christmas lights at the top of your page are going to warm every visitor’s hrt. You’ll get a wonderful effect with an sy installation. [Demo]
Xmas Snow. If you want to add snow to your website, but you don’t want it all over the page, this is the right plugin for you. It adds nice snowing effects to the top of your website only. [Demo]
Schedule Styles or ThemesWP Christmas Class. With this plugin you can sily add a custom class to your body tag and setup the date on which it will appr and disappr, changing your entire website’s look and feel during the Christmas sson. [Demo]
WP Scheduled Styles. Awesome for setting a Christmas theme, this plugin lets you schedule an additional CSS file to display on your website during the holidays.
WP Scheduled Themes. If you want to schedule a different theme on your website to appr on Christmas day, this plugin will let you do it sily.

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