Thursday, May 26, 2016

XP TrueFaster V4 Pro SP3 2010 By alogk & Mr.X

XP TrueFaster Pro SP3 2010 | 700MB
What is special with this XP? This is one that is very fast and it looks rlly good. See details on next page.
-Disc alrdy contains latest tools for XP which added by
-including S-ATA Drivers For n-Force , ,ATI Chip-sets [32/64 Bits] Both Desktop and Notebook drivers
-Including Needed Plugins and Direct X Updates
-including All updates from
-100% uine XP
-Included Latest Versions Of Internet Explorer , Media Player 11 and more at the time of relse
-Disc can Boot with any Motherboard
What Is new In this XP Service Pack 3
Net Framework 2 [Service Pack 2]
Management Console (MMC) 3.0
Core XML Services 6.0 (MSXML6)
Installer 3.1 v2
Remote Desktop Protocol 6.1
Card Space
All In One Driver ?
- DriverPack Chipset
- DriverPack CPU
- DriverPack Graphics
- DriverPack LAN
- DriverPack MassStorage
- DriverPack Sound
- DriverPack WLAN
- Shell Pack Icon NotVista By DTU (Mod By alogk)
- Sound Vista
- Theme Pristine OS 1.2 by ~MohsinNaqi on deviantART
- Shell Boot Menu
- BootMenu syBoot
-Download the Files
-Extract The ISO
- It With any ing Software in a slow speed
-Boot With the ed
-Validate WGA
-Enjoy Forever
Screenshots: Copyright 2013 at

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