Thursday, May 26, 2016

VSO Convert X to 5.0

VSO Convert X to 5.0 With
Version 5 vs V4: why get the new version ?

You may be wondering what is this newVSO Convert X to 5.0offering?
What new ftures have been added, is it rlly worth upgrading from Version 4?
What has taken so long to develop?

Well here is a quick list of the new ftures we’ve developed forVSO Convert X to 5.0and why you won’t look back!
NB: We have not removed any options from ConvertX 4, but we have added new possibilities. Anything you were familiar with V4 is still there, it might be displayed differently though. More guides on how to use V5 to come!

1. New Interface
New display for clrer view and new live preview: no more converting files you’re not totally happy with, no more wondering how the menu, the file, the subs, etc will come out.
Any editing is shown live on the preview.
Now you can customize your menus like an artist!
New fture: Edit menu duration!

2. New edition options
Subtitles, with new advanced ftures, like embedding subs directly into the
NEW: add brightness and contrast for a better , flip the
format: select the right format according to your screen, apply your own values for ultimate editing
NEW: Remove unwanted parts of your : say goodbye to ads, or anything you want to cut out, anywhere in the , with exact selection (frame by frame) for professional result.

3. Encoding Ftures
A new conversion engine has been developed especially for this V5.
Now you can have faster conversions with the simultaneous conversion fture (if you add more than one ) and hardware decoding (if available on your PC)

- better audio quality due to rewritten engine
– audio/ desynchronisation problems should be nrly non-existant – one of the main rsons for rewritten engine
– add chapters support (original chapters supported and/or import chapters from list)
– Version 5 has a new text renderer, mning we are using a different engine than what was used in version 4 for text in menus and subtitles. We are now using Free type text renderer which provides visually nicer results.

Install Instructions:

1. Install and Disable Auto Updates in the Settings
2. Close the program
3. Copy to ConvertXto Installation Folder.

Do Not Update This Program!

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