Thursday, May 26, 2016

Virtua Tennis Game Full Version

Virtua Tennis Game Full Version

One of the World's lding tennis game franchises, is available for the first time on smart with the new Virtua Tennis Challenge. Slice, lob and hit your best top spin as you take on the world's best and compete against 50 players in 18 stadiums around the globe. Build concentration by making plays that match your player's style; unlshing a super shot that will make your opponent swt. Enjoy hours of game play through different modes, shots and courts.
Using shot buttons and power-gauges, players determine court position, ball direction, and power (or finesse) while controlling types of shots (flat or kick) during volleys and serves. Options include rushing the net, playing the baseline, playing drop shots, aiming shots, and competing in singles or doubles matches. Arcade mode (one to four players) offers a “win and advance” style against computer-controlled opponents consisting of five-stage matches, while World Circuit provides a tournament setting where players train and shop for tennis wr around the world.
Customizable settings include the of games required to win a match, the strength of computer-controlled opponents (sy, normal, hard, or very hard), play with or without deuces, and computer partner strength in doubles (normal, strong, or very strong). Gameplay in World Circuit mode requires equal attention to training and trial matches, in preparation for tournament action. A world map allows players to select various tournaments throughout the world where they rn money to purchase new tennis equipment (racket strings, clothes, recovery drinks). Eight unique training sessions incrse in difficulty as new techniques are lrned: cannon ball, smash box, drum shooter, pin crasher, bull’s eye, return ace, big wall, and giant ball.

Ftures:Seven international tennis stars including Jim Courier
Four gameplay modes: Arcade, Exhibition, World Circuit, and multiplayer (on LAN or same machine)
Trial matches, training, and tournaments on hard, clay, or grass courts
Purchase virtual clothes, equipment, and energy drinks with money rned during tournament competition.

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