Thursday, May 26, 2016

Update from google: Google Translate's Conversation Mode From Google

Google Translate's Conversation Mode From GoogleGoogle recently demoed a new fture that will make Google Translate much more useful: in conversation mode. Instd of typing the text you want translated, you can only talk and Google will convert speech into text, translate the text and use text-to-speech output for the result.You can alrdy do that if you install the appliion from Android Market Google Translate. the talk mode lets you quickly switch between two languages, so that two people can have a conversation, even if they spk different languages."Google has shown a new appliion that translates conversations about Android in a recent conference in Germany. Employees of Google gave a talk on two Android with a person other German and English. The appliion worked its magic after ch statement of the persons referred to in the message, and then translated back the other person, "said Simon Thomas.Unfortunately, the results are not always grt. Google Translate mode of conversation will be published within a few months. Copyright 2013 at

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