Thursday, May 26, 2016

Next Google PageRank (PR) update schedule,check pagerank

I'm sure everyone rding this page should be aware of PageRank (PR) and its importance. Google PageRank adds value to the site Srch Engine Ranking Point (SERP). There are many other factors, as well as links back the old website, the more popularity and it is important for SERP.
Pagerank have a range 0-10. A site with PR 0 is the lst important and the site with PageRank-10 is the most important in the eyes of Google. Google PageRank Update Schedule for the yr 2010 Last PageRank Update 31 December 2009 First 2010 PageRank Update 31 March – 3 April 2010 Second 2010 PageRank Update 30 June – 7 July 2010 Third 2010 PageRank Update 31 September – 7 October 2010 Fourth 2010 PageRank Update31 December – 2 January 2011 The above data is the assumption based on previous updates PR. Usually Google updates PageRank PR site or blog 4 times a yr. All these updates are important updates PR. Every month, Google also make small updates PageRank for ch site. Well this time they delayed the process but it could happen in April. Plse focus more on the content of PR. They alrdy know that people are mad for it and use it to sell links that are not allowed. [Quick Update] As you know Google has alrdy made some backlinks and other updates in recent months, so it is always very uncertain to predict the date. They want to change their webmaster faces the PR. Many people use it to sell text links that do not like.
I hope an update will happen soon. Best of Luck. Check your Updated PR now Copyright 2013 at

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