Thursday, May 26, 2016

JDownloader V 0.9580 Download files and s from Rapidshare and MegaUpload Without Waiting - Open Source

Works on: , Mac, and Linux.
I find myself downloading files from Rapidshare lot. But what ticks me off is the fact that I have to wait a while before you download files from one side, and run out of bandwidth usage for free many times users. Jdownloader solves this problem.Jdownloader is a free download of files to file hosts like Rapidshare and Megaupload (many others are supported). It 's basically completely automates the process of downloading files from these file hosting services:It will download the file from the URL that you provide. If the web hosts has a captcha functionality, JDownloader will pass that as well using built-on Optical Character Recognition module. After that, JDownloader will start downloading the file for free. If Rapidshare or Megaupload give a message that free bandwidth has expired and you need to wait for some time, JDownloader will try to reconnect using a different IP address so as to fool these websites into thinking that you are a different user, thus getting badwidth again.Rlly cool – isn’t it! JDownloader is completely open source, and totally free. It works on sharing websites as well (such as YouTube) to download s from YouTube. But I would rlly recommend it as a free rapidshare downloader. Having this would mn that you get almost same functioanlity as a premium user of Rapidshare, without spending any money!
Here are some other ftures of this free download manager:
Platform Independent – Works on , Mac, and Linux. Open Source, and Completely Free. Download multiple files in parallel. Schedule file download Automatic Captcha Recognition. Circumvent bandwidth limitations for free users. Youtube, Vimeo, clipfish and Download.This software is rlly nice, and works very well. The user interface is intuitive and sy to use. One of the best managers of Rapidshare downloads available out there. Download links and tutorials at the end.Download Now

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