Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Resume Mediafire Downloads With IDM – Tutorial Remove Cookies

Let's check it outyou will:
1. Firefox Browser
2. File downloaded from mediafire that interrupted in the middle of download
3. Internet Download ManagerHow to Resume Mediafire Downloads With IDM Steps:1. Open Firefox then click Tools then Options
2. At Options click Privacy Tab then click Remove Individual Cookies 3. at Cookies window srch for "" without the quotes
- Highlight all Mediafire cookies then click Remove Cookies then Close then click OK on the Options window You can also just delete only the U ------------------------4. Now Open IDM then right click on the file you want to resume download then click “Refresh Download Address”. 5. Click OK. 6. the next IDM window will appr that says “STOP WAITING” - DO NOT CLICK THAT7. Firefox will open Mediafire, Now right click on Download TO start Download then click Download with IMD 8. New window will appr that says” New link address for this file was received successfully” then click OK Now Go to IDM then Resume Download……have fun!Copyright 2013 at

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