Thursday, May 26, 2016

Folder Guard Professional 9

Folder Guard Professional 9 With

Folder Guard Professional is a powerful computer security software thatyou can use to control accessto files, folders, and other resources, such as Control Panel, Start Menu, and so on. You can use Folder Guard to lock your personal files and folders with s, to stop other users from peeking into your records. You can even completely hide your private folders from virtually all appliions, and such folders would remain invisible until you enter a valid . You can also protect sensitive system files from modifiion or destruction, disable access to the removable drives, restrict access to Control Panel, and more.

Although lets you restrict access to folders loed on a NTFS drives, it cannot hide them. With Folder Guard, you can not only restrict access to, but also hide folders, or make them look empty. Unlike , Folder Guard lets you protect only some files within a folder, and keep the rest of the files visible and accessible, if you wish. Or, you can protect files and folders ch with its own individual , and then unlock them separately from ch other ( cannot do that).

You can designate your anti-virus and other maintenance tools to be the "trusted" programs, to make them able to work with your protected s without restrictions.

You don't have to lrn how to use the Group Policies, user groups, Access Control Lists, privileges, and other built-in security ftures of , because Folder Guard does the hard work for you: its visual and intuitive user interface lets you manage the restrictions with se.

You can prevent other users (even the administrators) from using the system tools that can mess up your installation, while allow such use for yourself or someone who knows the Master . You can also designate the backup programs as the trusted ones, allowing them to backup your protected files in the background without asking you for the every time.

Folder Guard can lock access to the USB, -ROM and other removable drives
You can configure Folder Guard to allow or deny access to the removable drives, restricting the user’s ability to run or install unauthorized programs on your computer.

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