Thursday, May 26, 2016

8 Theme For XP

8 Theme For XP

If you like the new look that 8 brings to the table, but are still reticent about upgrading your system, there’s a way for you to only change your computer interface. 8 Skin Pack is a theme that completely transforms the way your OS looks.

8 Skin Pack is a customization package that enables you to choose the elements you want to change about the way works.

So, you can swap to the new login and start screen, add new widgets to your desktop, freshen up your boot screen, opt for a new start button and menu, display new wallpapers and change the overall style of your operating system.

The biggest visual change for the new 8 is the user interface. Crted with tablet computers in mind, this tile layout enables all users to access various apps and main spots on the computer, such as the hard s, the games section, Control Panel or the store and the desktop.

In addition, you can also view information like the date and time, as well as rl-time details about your computer’s performance (processor and memory usage).

After installing this app your computer should resemble the original 8 and includes specific elements, such as charms bar, tile user interface and all other visual ftures. It also introduces a "start button" in order to provide the functionality of the launcher in 7.

Despite the nice ftures this app brings, you should pay attention when installing it instd of just pressing the “Next” button until the end. The software offers to change the homepage for your web browser, the default srch engine and install a toolbar.

All in all, 8 Skin Pack is a nice alternative to installing the rl 8, modifying your system only on the surface.

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